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Elephant Books London is an independent book publisher based in the United Kingdom. Through care and attention lavished upon each title, we endeavor to produce beautiful books.

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Blackie and Blacktail

Blackie and Blacktail

Blackie and Blacktail is a story of two Exmoor lambs, one black, the other white with a black tail (who narrates). The two lambs experience a range of adventures as they wander the moor: befriend a stag, escape a flood, a snowdrift, a moorland fire and a rabid dog, are stolen by rustlers, and experience dipping and shearing. They get up to mischief and make mistakes, but survive through courage, friendship and endurance. This is as much a love story as a story of growing up and friendship. It is also an education in shepherding, told from the sheep’s perspective.

DÖBERITZ – LIFE IN A FIRST WORLD WAR PRISON CAMP 1914-18.  This is a personal account by Norman S Pugh, a Royal Navy Voluntary Reserve (RNVR) seaman who served under the Hawke Battalion in the defense of Antwerp between the 6th and 9th October until captured by the advancing German army. He was officially declared a prisoner of war at Döberitz on 5th December 1914 where he remained until after armistice when he was then repatriated, arriving at Leith on 16 December 1918.

MEDDLERS is a farce in three acts. Ashton – a benevolent doctor has a ward named Enid, who calls him uncle but is not related.  Ashton thinks she should marry Geoffrey, but does not realise she is in love with him, or he with her. At a Devonshire hotel, complications arise between Ashton, Geoffrey, Enid, her companion Alice, and Langridge, a lawyer who all think everybody is going to marry everybody else. The doctor’s consulting room is turned into a beauty parlour during Ashton’s absence. He eventually returns to his consulting room and throws everyone out except Enid, who chooses Aston to be her life companion.

JOYCE OF MALLOWFIELD – is the third volume of the Mallowfield quartet.

CHRONOLOGY – EVENTS TOUCHING ON HIS LIFE –is a cradle to grave record of the life of Norman S Pugh and how events affected him and his family between the years 1882 and 1957.

COLLECTED SHORT STORIES is a compendium of published and unpublished narratives written mostly in the 1930s and 1940s. They reflect a bygone era where some of the characters are the reflection of the author’s children and the business world where he once thrived. A new edition including rediscovered stories will follow soon.

MALLOWFIELD MYSTERY – is the fourth volume of the Mallowfield quartet.

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